Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WSO2 Carbon 3.2.0 ~ New releases from WSO2

Written by Kathiravelu Pradeeban

Check out the latest WSO2 Products release - with lots of new features and bug fixes.  Two new products - WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server (abbreviated as CEP) and WSO2 Message Broker (MB) are debuted, with the stable product version 1.0.0, where the other products have also faced major improvements, with this new release of Carbon - 3.2.0, the SOA middleware platform for the WSO2 Products.

Await the new Stratos release - Stratos - 1.5.0, coming soon, with the improvements to the cloud platform of WSO2, along the WSO2 Carbon 3.2.x based products as services over the cloud. WSO2 Stratos is WSO2 Carbon Platform as a Service, catering your organization's needs. You can use the publicly hosted WSO2 Stratos Cloud platform, host it in your own servers as a private cloud, or go for hybrid options.

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