Friday, November 5, 2010

Single Sign-On & Single Sign-Out - user experience

Written by Yumani Ranaweera

Single sign-on is "a session/user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access multiple applications. The process authenticates the user for all the applications they have been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when they switch applications during a particular session." - Definition from

In Single sign-out the user will be signed-out from all authenticated applications at a single sign-out

WSO2 Stratos demonstrates the SSO concept very well. This is how user SSO experience in WSO2 Stratos.

Firstly, you need to create a domain and register you tenant in Stratos. There'll be two follow up emails. One to confirm you email address and the other to give your account details.
Following up the mails you can login to you Startos Manager page, or you can simply sign-in using the given admin credentials.

The first page you see after sign-in from admin credentials is the Stratos Manager Home page. From here you can invoke various WSO2 products which appear as services.
With SSO enabled Stratos, you can access these services without having to re-login at each entrance point (at each point where it opens up a new service for you). It is because your username and password are already authenticated and you are permited to access these multiple applications.

Afterwards, Say you have opened sevaral services where you were automatically logged-in and while you were working on one service (e.g. Cloud Gadgets), another has gone on a session expriration. No issues :), When you accessing the page it will nicely validate you by itself and make the service availble in a refreshed session.

Now, if you signout from one of the software services by clicking the 'Sign-out' link, you will be automatically signed-out from all the accessed services. That's where you will notice that Single -sign-out is in place!!!

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